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On this website you will find our inspirational programs, in addition to speaking and consulting services that have been offered over the past twenty plus years and that reflect a hands-on approach to enhance your awareness of “botany for the body”.

It’s our passion to educate and support your efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle by offering you healthier choices regarding the foods you put in your body and the products you put on them – one bite or drop at a time. We redefine body care through our experiential “ag-venture” programs to enhance the vitality of the body, mind and soul. We promote a life-long shift in perspective while proving that properly caring for ourselves is also the best way to sustain the beautiful earth.

Please visit our provisions company Terre Botanicals to experience our line of whole plant aromatics, including Aromatic Finishing Sugars, Botanical Savory Blends, and Culinary Essential Oils.