Aromatic Art of Perfumes

From Cleopatra to Coco Chanel, perfume has been a woman’s secret weapon since the ancients crafted it thousands of years ago to attract the goodwill of the gods. We unlock the inner goddess of each guest by customizing the perfect scent to create a desired mood. We explore the art and craft of making perfumes, and then introduce single-note or synergy blends, like the French perfumer’s of late. Each guest will create and take a pure perfume or cologne mist. We provide a sumptuous soft “eco-ista” pouch for safekeeping.


Tier 2) 2 oz, eau de cologne select from our signature citrus, floral, herbal or wood synergy blends
Tier 4) a customized personal pure-fume, 2ml, including but not limited to our most exquisite essential oils: Cognac, W. Jasmine, S., Lavender A., Neroli, Rose, O., and Vanilla, A.

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