Adventures in Aromatherapy

This rejuvenating introduction to the world of pure aromatherapy is our most popular workshop. We invite you to be introduced to a Gallery of garden flora. In this class you will learn how essential oils are created, the therapeutic and restorative properties of each oil; and a bit of herbal folklore. You will touch the featured living plant and smell the essence of each plant’s flowers, leaves, roots and berries captured in the essential oil. The adventure begins as we custom-blend the essential oils. In this gallery of herbs we will feature Geranium, R., Lavender, P., Orange, S., Peppermint, Rose, A. and Rosemary.


Tier 1) aroma mist
Tier 2) aroma mist, salt snifter or soak, and a 1ml vial of essential oil. (This is our special!)
Tier 3) aroma mist, salt snifter or soak, a 1ml vial of essential oil, & an organic olive oil body lotion