We eagerly share our 35 years of experience in Holistic Nutrition Education, Certified Aromatherapy, Master Gardening & Massage Therapy. Our unbridled passion for healthy living is contagious, and our expertise in Simple Organic Skincare and Seasonal Organic Cooking can help you adopt a healthier lifestyle one drop or bite at a time.

$128.00 per hour for private consultation; Surcharge for raw materials (TBD)

Aromatherapy: Botanicals in a Bottle

Learn the economical, effective and efficient way to use essential oils.

Back Bar: Formulations & Treatments

Our indigenous ingredients are available for sustainable spa services and wellness communities available by the pound or gallon for use in wholesale, custom and private label applications. Sustainable Spa Formulations & Treatments.

Cultivating Flavors: Custom Formulation

If  you’re a F&B professional and are looking to create a custom taste sensation for your menu, we offer culinary essential oil resources & services for creating flavors that make dollars & $cents.

Eco-ista Lifestyle Coaching: Go Green and how to get there

Be chemically dependent no more! Join our twelve-step program for detoxifying your environment.

Seasonal Organic Cooking: Eco-Nutrition

Develop an organic seasonal larder, plan menus and develop your cooking skills whether you’re a novice or a seasoned cook. Ask us about our personal cooking services.

Seasonal Organic Cooking: How to Shop Organically on a Budget

Take a “road trip” with us to seek out great organic food sources, learn simple budget tips and take the mystery out of shopping seasonally.

Simple Organic Skin-Care: Inner Health Outer Beauty

Your skin mirrors the health of your body. Learn how to “feed” your skin to keep it healthy and supple.

The Potager’s Palette: A Feast for the Senses

Imagine experiencing flowering annuals & perennials exploding with color & scent, intermingling with thriving culinary & restorative herbs–picked fresh at their peak–from your very own garden. Experience a garden lifestyle series where you and your family learn hands-on garden design, installation & function.

Eco-Education: Group Gatherings

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