Market Fresh “Mixology”

Forage for flavor that will make your palate pop! Learn how to use culinary essential oils and herbs to infuse your salts, sauces, sips, sugars, and syrups. Our local honey and olive oil are the perfect ingredients for health made simple. Learn to prepare and layer flavors in these sips and nips using simple e-scentual techniques as ancient as time. Scent-sational sugars can sweeten teas and cocktails. Add them to cakes, fruit desserts, sorbets or brush them on right out of the oven. You may already know how to muddle your mint…yet in this class we’ll teach you new ways to become a kitchen alchemist, from Appetizers to Zests that will pack a punch! In this gallery of plants we will feature Grapefruit, P., Lavender, Lemon, Orange, S., Spearmint, and Thyme. Attendees will make and take recipe cards away. Program includes a custom instruction, supplies, handouts and the below items beautifully packaged for “eco-to-go”.


Tier 1) seasonal botanical sugar, 3oz

Tier 2) seasonal botanical sugar, 3oz, and an aromatic salt, 2oz

Tier 3) seasonal botanical sugar, 3oz, aromatic salt, 2oz, and infused local honey, 2oz

Tier 4) seasonal botanical sugar, 3oz, aromatic salt, 2oz, infused local honey, 2oz,

and an infused olive oil, 2oz

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