Sweet Dreams

“If you walk barefoot upon the morning dew, you will become beautiful.” – American Folklore
The word “cosmetic” comes from the Greek word “kosmos” meaning “order in the universe.” You’ll learn Simple-Organic-Skincare creations you can make at home. We’ll step into the complexion garden and illuminate “Why Natural?” and “How to Read between the Labels”. Healthy skin is a result of seasonal nutrition, proper cleansing, moisturizing, exercise and water. Your skin mirrors the health of your body. Faced with pollution and stress, we feel challenged to keep our skin clean and healthy. Natural ingredients, when properly chosen and carefully applied are profoundly effective, better for the environment, and are most beneficial to your overall well-being. You will depart ready to read and understand a personal care ingredients label, and with recipe cards so you can locally source and create “order” in your own everyday ritual! This class includes hands on blending and is great for teambuilding.


Tier 1) facial exfoliating grains, 4oz

Tier 2) facial exfoliating grains, 4oz, and desert dew of the sea scrub, 4 oz

Tier 3) facial exfoliating grains, 4oz, desert dew of the sea scrub, 4 oz, and custom blended indigenous organic olive oil lotion, 2oz

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